Anonymous asked: Hi, I have more than one secondary blog, on one of my secondary blogs it shows a smaller image of my main blog beside my secondary blog image as I post, while on all of the others it just displays the secondary blog picture alone, is there a reason for this?

You probably have the author portraits turned on.  Go the the Settings page for your secondary blogs and switch off the “Show author portrait” setting.  


Anonymous asked: I tried making a redirect page, followed the instructions perfectly, but when I click it in my menu, it says "the url you requested could not be found" Am I doing something wrong?

Leave the page intact and ask again using your URL.  If I can see at the page as is, I can get a better idea of what the problem might be.  


Anonymous asked: hey, im really sorry if this has been asked before but i couldn't find it on your faqs, so im sorry if it has been asked before! I have added another page to my blog for fanfiction and I dont know how to post anything onto that blog specially? thankyou :)

I’m assuming this fanfiction blog is a secondary blog.  At the top right of the Dashboard page, there should be an arrow beside where your blog name is.  Click it and a list of blogs your account has access to should show up.  Select your fic blog and that will open the page where you can manage that blog.  You can post to it the same way you would to your primary blog.  This is also the page where you can monitor that blog’s followers, reblog, activity, etc.


Anonymous asked: I have received an anonymous question in which the answer must include a fellow tumblr user. When answering, i did not find the small @ button on the right hand of the screen as i always find when i reblog or post. My question is, how can i mention a tumblr user in asks

Try using the @ symbol your keyboard and start typing that person’s URL


Anonymous asked: Some one asked me a question and I have the option to post privately. Does that mean only me and the asker can see it?

Yes.  The response will get sent directly to the person who asked it.  This is only available for non-anonymous questions.


Anonymous asked: If i reblog something to my sideblog, will the person that i reblogged it from be notified that my main blog reblogged them? or my sideblog?

They’ll be notified that your sideblog reblogged them


Anonymous asked: so when people say they saved a new url it means they created a new blog with that, even if it has no posts? I'm asking cause I've read the last anon ask and thought that I could go back my url when I liked better!

Saving URLs, means that you’ve created a sideblog with a URL you like but don’t want to use at that time.  Essentially, yes, it’ll be blog with nothing on it.  Saving one or two is fine but some people hoard dozens. 

The moment you change your URL, the old one is back up for grabs if anyone else wants it.  If you decide that you want to switch back but someone else has claimed it for themselves (either because they are using it or are saving it), you cannot get it back.  You could ask the person nicely to let you have it, but it’s totally up to them whether or not they release the URL.  

Some people like to change their URLs in honour of holidays, special events, etcc.  To prevent their usual URL from getting snatched up, they quickly create a sideblog to save their regular URL after they make the change.  When they want to go back, they delete the sideblog and quickly change back to their regular URL.  


Anonymous asked: What if you've changed your URL, but you wanna change it back to what it was originally. Is that possible?

Yep!  Same process as when you changed it before.  Just be wary that someone may have started using it since you moved to the new URL.  If that’s the case, you won’t be able to get it back unless they change URLs and give that one back up.


Anonymous asked: How do I make my gifs load repeatedly? Only the ones I upload play only once and then stop. On my dash other people gifs work fine. All of my gifs are under the 1mb and 500px. Do you know what the problem is?

It probably wasn’t created to do that.  From what I gather in research, this is a free animation editor which will allow you to edit the gif to loop endlessly.  Just make sure the loop box is checked.


Anonymous asked: I'm really confused about how the queue works! Can you please explain it?

The purpose of the Queue to stagger when posts you make/reblog go public.  

Instead of hitting Reblog, click the arrow beside it and select “Add to queue” instead.  When you refresh your Dashboard, there will be a tab on the righthand side that says Queue.  There you can control how often it will release queued posts and between which hours of the day.  

This can be really useful if you plan on being away from Tumblr for an extended period of time and want to keep your blog active in your absence.  

It can also be useful if you have a lot of a certain type of post and don’t want to spam your followers with it all at once.  For example, say you’re in a Harry Potter mood and you decide to go through various Harry Potter tags to reblog things.  Instead of having all those posts appear on your followers’ Dashboards all at once, you can queue them and they will be published at a slower, more controlled rate.


Anonymous asked: If someone reblogged a video on their tumblr, and you accidentally hit 'play', are they notified??



Anonymous asked: On my roommate's tumblr dashboard he gets three options under each post. One to like, one to reblog, and one to share. On my dashboard, I get the buttons to like and reblog under each post but not the one to share. (On the mobile version I do get the option to share the posts.) I've checked my settings to see if there was an option there as to whether or not to have the share button enabled and came up empty. Any idea on what I can do to get the share button under the posts on my dashboard?

That is odd!  I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be showing up.  Maybe you’re using an outdated browser?  If you aren’t already, try accessing Tumblr from Chrome or Firefox and see if that changes anything.  If it’s still not showing up, try contacting Tumblr Support using the link on the bottom of this page.


Anonymous asked: If you follow the same people someone else does on here, will you pop up on their suggestion box?

You might.  I think the suggestions is also based on what kinds of tags and content you already have on your blog/in your likes.


Anonymous asked: How do I reblog a post to my side blog from a mobile device?

When you tap the reblog button, the window that comes up should have your main blog title at the top.  Tap that bar and then select the sideblog you want from the drop down list.  Hit post and away it goes.  Just make sure you remember to switch back to your main blog if you’re doing any other reblogging.


Anonymous asked: What exactly does ask using your URL mean, sorry im very new here. (Referring to the previous question about being notified when someone asks a question)

Ask the question while logged in and don’t click the “Ask Anonymously” box