Anonymous asked: Hello! So, I'm not exactly new to tumblr, but I just made my third blog and something weird is happening. I still get, all over again, those beginning messages: "Hey! You have a blog.You can change the title, colors, header image, all that." and the other "Looking for more?If you're looking for specific things, or just want to see what's trending, you'll find it through search." etc. Also, I went through them like a hundred times already but they still don't go away. What should I do?

This seems more like a glitch than a newtotumbland concern. You should reach out to Tumblr Support. 

- Cheesy

EDIT:  From what I gather, it’s Tumblr’s way of doing what we’re doing: helping new blogs with the basics.  This is a fairly new feature and neither of us know how to turn them off.  If you keep clicking through them all and they still won’t go away, I don’t know what else to do.


Taylor here. I’m locking myself in my room and not leaving until I figure out how to use my Tumblr. Well, I might leave for a second to get a snack or something but that is IT. I am FOCUSED. I have lots of questions, help me.



ask away sweet one!!!!

Is re blogging what I’m doing right now and is this the best way to write back to someone?
Also how do I get GIFs?
How do you post them?
How do I have one of those convos you always see screen shots of on Instagram?
Is that by re blogging or is there some sort of conversation board on here?
Overwhelmed. Taking deep breaths.

Hello!  To answer your questions (since I don’t see many people in the notes doing so):

  1. Yes, this is reblogging.  If you’re okay with the conversation being public, yes it’s the best way to write back to someone.  If you’d prefer it to be private, I’d suggest the Ask Box feature.  
  2. Right click and save gifs you like to a folder on your computer.  As a general rule, don’t save ones from gifset posts unless the original poster has said it’s okay to do so.  If you see a reaction gif you like already being used on a post, it’s generally seen as fair game and okay to save right away.  When in doubt, ask the person who posted it.
  3. See the little camera icon on the text box toolbar?  That allows you to insert pictures into text posts and captions.  If there is a little plus sign beside the camera, you can upload the image directly from your computer.  If there’s a little chain/link beside it (generally only for adding images and gifs to photo caption), things get a bit more tricky.  Open Tumblr in a new tab and create a new text post.  Upload the image/gif you want using the camera icon with a plus.  Right click and copy the Image URL. Go back to your original Tumblr tab and paste the link you just copied.  Hit the insert button and you should be good to go.  You can also use an image hosting site like TinyPic but I’m not familiar with that process enough anymore to give confident instructions for it.
  4. Reblog conversations happen when you reblog a post and add your response to the bottom, much like this.  There is also the Chat post option for posts that look like this.  You can make one yourself by selecting the appropriate icon from the top of the Dashboard page.

It’s okay to be a little overwhelmed; it’s a lot to take in.  No one knows these things right off the bat and they certainly don’t learn it overnight.  You’re doing fine.  Just remember to breathe.  

I wish you all the best with your Tumblr experience!

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Anonymous asked: Should I be concerned when someone reblogs my post and then retitles it under their name? Subsequent reblogging shows the new blog title (same as mine) UNDER THEIR NAME and my name is not shown as the source. I do get a note when it is reblogged but it looks like someone is taking credit for my post. Others have done this same thing with a link above the title with offers that reblogs will be included on some lauded list that doesn't exist. It reflects badly on me. Suggestions?

If it’s a really long text post, Tumblr will reblog it as a link (unless you have an extension that prevents that from happening).  This reblogged link will direct to the last blog the post was on before Tumblr forced it into link form.  If this is what you’re referring to, you can’t really change that but that shouldn’t remove any links to you or credit.

What I suspect is happening is someone is copying your caption, deleting it, and pasting it so their blog link will show up instead.  This is a turd move on their part because it looks like they’re the one who created the post.  Unfortunately, there is no good way to go about fixing this.  You can try messaging them and asking them not to do it any more but it’s really their choice whether they comply or not.  It’s super crappy but some people are jerks and will do anything to self-promote, especially on more popular posts.  

Even though they can edit you out of the caption, people shouldn’t be able to edit you out of being the source.  Your URL should remain in the top right corner of the post as the Source.  In that regard, they aren’t stealing the credit entirely but realistically, not a lot of people look there.  

I’m really sorry this is happening to you.  It’s such a murky subject matter and I don’t have a lot of suggestions outside of asking people to change it back or putting disclaimers on everything to not edit your captions/text.


Anonymous asked: Ok so I feel like this is a stupid question but i just joined tumblr so im not sure. If you reblog something and it got likes, does that mean u got the likes or they are likes from the original post? I hope this makes sense.(ps ignote any spelling and grammar mistakes im lazy and this is the internet for god's sake)

It’s both.  If you’re getting notified of the the Like, the person Liked it from seeing it on your blog.  The person who made the original post will also be notified because it’s their post.  Same goes for reblogs.


Anonymous asked: Can a blog be co-authored? We want to raise awareness about an issue we are passionate about (missing children worldwide.)

Yes!  Secondary blogs can be.  Some more information here.  You should also look at the Group Blog section at that link.


Anonymous asked: When I make posts with photosets, my url won´t show when I post it? My url shows as the source but I want it to show under the photos like when I write something beneath it. So that when people reblog my posts they will be able to click my url. Does that make any sense haha?

Add something to the caption.  When people reblog the post from you, the link to your blog will be added automatically around your caption.


Anonymous asked: I'm just setting up my blog and have realised the title has already been used although the description is different can I have the same title as another blog on tumblr ???

I don’t see why not.  You just can’t have the same URL/username as another person.


Anonymous asked: Hi, I accidentally ignored an anon ask on tumblr. I wanna know if there is a why do undo this, so the person can ask other questions. Thank you a lot.

Unfortunately, no.  Once you’ve blocked an anonymous IP address, there is no way to unblock it.  (x)


Anonymous asked: I watch a few people's blogs and i noticed that a lot of them have the little red box with a number (mostly 1's or 2's) on their icon for their account. Does it represent anything? For example, how many years the blog has been up or something like that?

I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to. Could you send me a link to an example?


Anonymous asked: Hello :) i was wondering why cant my blog be found by anyone or searched on tumblr? Also i just made a new blog maybe thats why?

That’s probably why. Please see the FAQ for what steps you can take to start showing up in Tumblr searches.


Anonymous asked: How can you get more followers or just get your blog more well known and recognized by people?

Just keep blogging!! Reach out to people whose blogs you enjoy and make friends with them. Tag your posts with RELEVANT tags. Just blog for fun, and the rest will come. 


Anonymous asked: Hi I'm new to tumbler and I just made my first post I was wondering were I could see my activity at. Thank you.

On the right panel of your dashboard under where it says your blog name, you should see a button that says “Activity”. That will show you the interactions people are having with your posts. If you are looking for where to find just your posts, click on your blog name in the right panel and you will see your blogroll show up. 

- Cheesy


Anonymous asked: How do I make it to where I can have people ask me questions on Tumblr..? Because my friend looked at my blog and pointed out to me that there isn't a place to ask questions!

If you go to the gear at the top of the page you can access the settings for your account. You will see your blogs on the right side of the page. Click the blog you want to create an Ask Box for and you’ll see the settings for that blog pop up. Scroll down to the “Ask” section and make sure that the setting to allow people to ask you questions is checked on.

- Cheesy


Anonymous asked: I have The same problem as Many New users with hashtags that my post doesn't show up. I know you dont know The exactly wait period for it to work. But dont you know any who have tried it too who May Can tell how long she/he waited?

I know some people who got in pretty much right away (a couple days tops) and I know others who have had their accounts for months and still nothing.  Very few (if any) people who ask questions on this blog come back for any kind of follow up.  Also, 99% of the messages I receive here are anonymous so there’s no way for me to seek them out myself and ask them.  


Anonymous asked: I messaged someone off anon, by mistake. Can my followers see the reply to my message, even if i didn't reblog it?