Anonymous asked: If you reblog something then unblog it immediately after will it still show up in the persons notifications

Yes, they will get the notification even if you delete the post


Anonymous asked: Is it possible for other users to be able to see what I have searched for?

To my knowledge, no.


Anonymous asked: My friend is new on tumblr and she followed me but I didn't get note. She reblogs my posts,likes pictures,but I dont get notes from her. I get all the notes,from other followers but not from her. And she have notes from me

From the Tumblr Help document:

Why aren’t my posts appearing on Tumblr Tag pages?

Long story short, we need to make sure you’re not a robot or a spammer. If your blog is brand new, make sure you’ve verified your account via the email we sent when you joined Tumblr. Once you’ve used your account for a while (and done normal, human things with it like follow other blogs and like or reblog posts), your posts will start appearing on Tag pages.

If you are a robot or a spammer, you should visit our account deletion page.

I have a feeling they’re implementing something similar for follows, reblogs, and likes for brand new accounts.  Also, make sure the don’t have their blog flagged for NSFW content.  That could stop them from showing up for you.


Anonymous asked: I changed my url few days ago and after that i cant get any messages i asked my friend to ask me something to see but i there is nothing and sorry for my english but i hope u get what i mean

Try contacting Tumblr Support and see what they can do to help.  You can find a link to contact them at the bottom of this page.


Anonymous asked: Very dumb general question. When is via used to credit a source rather than content source at the top or just reblogging? Say you want to reblog one shot of a photoset or do some editing to someone's post (which is not copyrighted) and then post it but still credit the source. Thanks for listening.

Via is used to denote the person the post was reblogged from.  

Source is the person who made the post originally.

To the best of my knowledge, Tumblr changed its reblogged formatting to prevent people from editing original source credits.  If you wanted to add anything to a post when reblogged, you don’t have to worry about the original credit being removed or change; Tumblr will ensure it stays intact.


Anonymous asked: in relation to the previous post of redirect link on a reblog, can that be done on an iphone? and thank yhu for your answer.

To my knowledge, no.  


Anonymous asked: how do i create a redirect link on a reblog? It usually turns out bold? It would say like "trujayv" in bold but when yhu click it, it opens another blog page. How do i put that when commenting on a reblog?

Type truejayv (or whatever else you want it to say) at the bottom of the post/caption.  Highlight and bold it.  Make sure it’s still highlighted and click on the link icon (looks like two links in a chain) on the text toolbar at the top of the text box.  Paste the link you want people to be directed to into the necessary box.  It’ll look like this.  If you skip the step to make it bold, it’ll look like this

If you plan on doing this for the sake of self-promotion, I wouldn’t recommend it.  It’s kinda obnoxious and the only people who will see it are people who reblog the post from you, the people who then reblog it from those people, and the person who posted it originally.


Little update to the Android app: Now you can filter your searches by post type. Comes in handy sometimes. Cool?


Anonymous asked: Hello! I'd like to ask if people will know what your main blog is when they see your sideblog posts? Because I've just posted something to my sideblog and when I went into the tag with the post inside it, I saw the icon of my main blog at the corner of the icon of my sideblog (ahh this sounds so confusing, I'm so sorry). I just want to know if that shows to other users? Because I really don't want it to associate with my main blog. Thanks :)

Go to your settings and select your sideblog from the Blogs section.  Turn the “Show author portraits” option off.  This will remove that small version of your main blog’s avatar from the sideblog’s avatar.  


Anonymous asked: Is everyone able to see your likes and how can you disable that option (if it is public)

There is a way to view a person’s likes but it requires knowing a specific URL and I can’t remember what it is right now.  To my knowledge, there isn’t a way of disabling it unless you never Like anything.


Anonymous asked: How do I find out when exactly I followed someone or when they followed me? :)

Check your Activity tab for most recent follows.  The notes section is grouped by date.  

I don’t think there’s a way to track how long you’ve been following someone.  


Anonymous asked: how come people can't find my blog?

Check your Blog Settings and make sure you have the "Allow search engines to index your blog" option turned on.  

I’ve been hearing a lot about Tumblr trying to crack down on spammers so they might be implementing temporary blocks on accounts from accessing certain features (i.e. appearing in tag searches, using redirect pages) until you’ve established yourself and your blog.  Just give it some time.


Anonymous asked: I have sideblogs and i was wondering how i can put the links to them on my main blog on the iphone app

You can’t on the mobile app.  The mobile app is like TumblrLite: just the basic functions.  If you want to do that, you’ll have to do it using a web browser.  Go to your Customize page, scroll down to the Pages section, and set up a Redirect page for each sideblog.  

How to set up a Redirect Page


Anonymous asked: Dear Tumblr Wizards, if I post something and people comment on it, how do I then later post their comments to my blog as a separate entry? I am not sure if I am making sense, but I have seen people post comments they received to some of their previous posts as a separate new post, and now I want to do it and show off some cheeky comments I've received but I have no idea how. Thank you.

I don’t know if this is an X-Kit feature or not, but when I look at my Activity notifications, an arrow appears when I hover over that message.  Clicking on it opens a new tab with the message all formatted for me.  

Alternate 1: Try highlighting and copying the entire Reply as it appears in your Dash.  Paste the message into a new text post and put your response underneath.

Alternate 2: Take a screenshot of the Reply and upload it into a new text or photo post and put your response underneath/in the caption.


Anonymous asked: Hi, how to you comment on people's posts

Reblog the post to your blog and add our comment to the bottom of the post.  Some original posts have the option to Reply (you can leave a short comment that won’t be put on your blog) but not all people have this enabled and even when they do, Replies are not available on all posts.